Group Therapy Workshops

Experiential Transformational Workshops given on weekends every other month.

Life changes, and so do the topics and themes change for each workshop, which all deal with ways to transform your life.

Group Therapy Workshops are a great way to empower yourself. In these Group Therapy Workshops, there is an opportunity to do deep, powerful work in a small group setting.

Once we are engaged in the work of truly being who we are, then each life challenge becomes another opportunity for growth, each choice a lesson, each relationship a renewal of the work of the Divine.

We are all being challenged to become the change that will change the world. In becoming our authentic selves, we are faced with the fears that keep us from that very place.

These workshops will provide a rich experience to see yourself and where you are with the energy of embracing your uniqueness. It will help you to awaken to life, love and your own special gifts that are yours to give to the world. It will help you to explore and face any blocks that hold you back.

Are you ready to accept yourself and your Divine spirit? Dare to live now. Dare to be present and let go of the past. Dare to practice the incredible power of forgiveness with yourself and others. Dare to be happy, alive, beautiful, loved, and already complete.

Dare to give yourself the day…. to laugh, heal, dance, surrender, and be divinely who you are. Join us in our sacred, safe supportive space that encourages your light to shine brightly. CEU's are now being offered for professionals.

Details for the next workshop:

"Self Compassion"

Saturday, January 26, 2019
9:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.
Space is limited to 6 participants
Self Investment $285
Workshop leader, Certified Radix Teacher Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC

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When we have not yet embraced every part of who we are and how we feel, we cannot be in full acceptance. Do you find yourself treating yourself with judgment, shaming and blaming yourself for having feelings, or for not being perfect or good enough? Do you find yourself running dysfunctional mind and fear programs that are old and out dated? Are you winning the award at terrifying yourself and keeping your ‘what if’s’ alive and vibrant? The time is now to be free of all that! Learning to live from a place of self compassion, choice and not reaction, is a much more loving option!!

This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to take a most serious and powerful look at the places in your life where you feel unloving, unkind, disempowered, held back, contracted by the energy of fear. It will provide a safe place to face yourself, let go, and move into… freedom and loving compassion for yourself and others. Join us for a transformational and spiritual day of freeing yourself; attuning to your personal power, opening your heart to yourself, being who you are, and letting your light shine brightly!

The workshop will include:

  • Body focused exercises for loosening and freeing the body
  • Individual, group and partner interactions for emotional awareness, learning and release
  • Purpose work for letting go of mind-body patterns and to integrate new understanding

Join us for a day of inner healing, joy, fun, laughter, spontaneity, safe touch, and freedom of expression in a safe, supportive small group atmosphere. Take a few simple, yet powerful, steps toward embracing every part of who you are. Space is limited to 6 participants only, so please register early.

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If you have any questions about group therapy sessions, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.