Prepare to be transformed or enlightened. In one way or another you will feel a shift or a lightness of being after working with Ellen. She leads you into the dark places with great wisdom, humor and empathy. Ellen is infinitely creative and energetic, so be ready to dive in! Here is a lady who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk....the passion she has for "living your truth" is boundless. She is doing the work she was meant to do and it shows! --Leslie Garbis

In 2002, friends suggested I try Radix because I had been working very hard on my healing process for over two decades and although I was experiencing relief from addiction and much anxiety, I felt that there were still some significant issues I just could not get past. I took their advice and contacted Ellen Brazer. I went to weekly, then bi-weekly sessions for a couple of years. I have gone back to either the daylong workshops or a couple of individual sessions when I have needed to since then. For me, this work enables me to take the issues from my head – the thinking, cognitive part of me – into my body, my heart - the feeling, experiential part of me – where for me – change happens. No other therapy, self-help book or twelve step work has been as effective for me in “getting out of my head”. You know that feeling that you know what you are doing is not good for you, but can’t seem to change the behavior? If in fact we do hold our history at a cellular level, then I see that we have to go there to change that memory and make a new history, or store new information there. That is what the Radix sessions and Workshops have done for me. I have been able to make progress on a spiritual, physical and emotional level that I do not believe I would have made without Radix. Of course, there is no substitute for a well trained and gifted therapist. Ellen Brazer gets that we are all on our journey to healing and she has the ability to be the perfect guide on that journey, moving you from one enlightening experience to another. I trust that Ellen has the ability to structure a very safe environment in her space where one can go as far as one chooses to discover and explore what we believe to be the most horrible or most wonderful parts of ourselves – coming out on the other end of the experience with a trusting, knowledgeable guide to assist in making sense of the experience so it can be positively applied in our lives.

I recently attended the “Grounding and Boundaries” workshop and left with an awareness that being grounded “In The Moment” and keeping my boundaries are part of my well-being. Ellen guided our group in a safe and trusting environment, and allowed us do the healing work that was needed for each of us to release from the heart. I would recommend this workshop, and any others that Ellen is leading, highly.

I don’t like “feeling with others.” If I want to cry I do it in private. When I go to a therapist or psychologist I want to talk. I’m in my head all day. I feel this feeling… I can look into someone and know more about them by feeling and looking carefully at him or her than asking questions. Meet Ellen…she’s holistic. I needed to sort things out and believe in my first impressions and thoughts. In a matter of 2 months Ellen helped me get thru my stuff, let go of the things that suffocated me and suddenly I changed my whole world and I’m HAPPY”. I was finally saying goodbye to the things that held me down and opened myself up to a new exciting world. I AM GOING TO CHANGE THE WORLD …one feeling and thought at a time. When I attend a workshop I like the other clients Ellen brings in. I felt like I knew them all my lives!

I have come to know Ellen over the past 10 years as a professional and a friend. I am often inspired by the truth she lives. I've seen and heard Ellen speak her truth with her family, friends and other people she encounters in daily life. Ellen takes care of herself in an assertive self-loving growth oriented way which furthers genuine and loving communication in her world and in the world.

Testimonial of Lily Marrero: "In an attempt to say what is in my heart with words, here I go: Ellen has been for the past 20 years of my life a very crucial pointer in my realization of who the real I in me is. She is the angel who is willing to be with my little self until it finds what it never lost in the first place, its inner greatness. For giving me light until I found my own torch of everlasting flame, I give her eternal thanks."

I came to see Ellen for a lifelong problem of helplessness encompassing anxiety, depression, self loathing, suffering…... I have tried many forms of psychotherapy and medications to varying degrees of success but never any long lasting change. Ellen came highly recommended from a friend who has benefited greatly from her care. I embarked on my journey with Ellen several years ago and what I have learned under her care is immense. I have been given a place and space for personal self growth and change that is not dependant on drugs or ridged psychological concepts, rather I was greeted with lots of love, understanding and experience . Choose 2 Evolve is it! I made the choice and with Ellen as my guide I have evolved. I appreciate her kindness and loving demeanor toward me. I feel at Peace in her care and I highly recommend Ellen Brazer. Thank you. With Love and Light --Dan

Ellen has a talent/specialty of pulling out all the old patterns. I am grateful!

Workshops: Don't do it, because it will probably change your life.

I am not sure I will able to pinpoint the exact extent of what I've experienced for probably 10-20 years from now. I do know since I started working with Ellen, I am able to see myself clearer, more authentically, and with more compassion and understanding - just exactly what I have always needed. Likewise, there has been a direct correlation to the way I have been able to interact in the world, see others, and life itself in a whole new, clearer, more authentic and compassionate way. Profound stuff.

About workshops with Ellen: A great place to practice being honest with not only others, but most importantly, with myself!

The recent workshop I attended, "OUTside the Box... A Workshop on Freedom and Expansion," was truly inspirational and empowering. I have attended numerous workshops led by Ellen Brazer, and every time, I leave with newly acquired insight and greater understanding of who I am. This particular workshop truly helped me to release negative energy and change defensive patterns that were keeping me from making necessary changes in my life. It was amazing! --Sonia

This was my 2nd workshop with Ellen. The first workshop was incredible and the chemistry with the group participants was perfect. However, this workshop was different than the first workshop. I knew from the beginning of the workshop that I was in for a treat. I was not wrong. From the moment that we started introducing ourselves, it was one connection after another. I immediately was able to hear how we were all brought together spiritually to help each other work through our issues. I walked into this workshop thinking that I would always be inside my box. The theme of the workshop was stepping out of your box! As the workshop progressed, I was able to start breathing, and removing myself out of that box. This box had kept me strangled for many years. My old thoughts and beliefs about my past had continued to rule my present life and did not allow me to grow. The real growth occurred when I felt a magical connection of love and compassion with this group. I can't really explain what this felt like because I have never felt like this before. All I can say is that I felt loved, accepted, validated, comforted, and at peace. I will never forget the smiles of all the people in that room. This experience will forever live in my heart. As if this was not enough, listening and watching the other participants also allowed me to experience growth in my life. Their experiences provided me with such compassion and love. I was able to honor their feelings. This workshop was magical, loving, compassionate, empathic, and ELECTRIFYING! --Eddie

Working with Ellen a relatively short amount of time, I have experienced tremendous breakthroughs. Her cutting-edge, body-centered approach to the healing arts transcends conventional therapy--my time with her has served an important role in my spiritual journey. --Steven

I am a single mom of an amazing 4 year old who needed his mom more than anything. After losing my mom and splitting with my son's dad at the same time. I was incredibly distraught as this was a devastating time in my life. My talk therapist at the time recommended I see Ellen for a women's group and upon doing that I found myself beginning individual work with Ellen. She literally saved my life! I've always been told about the power of what you put out in the universe and the power of positive thinking, but never registered the way it has after working with Ellen. Through our work, I finally found a way to LIVE, and not just survive as I had been for so long. Ellen has been, and continues to be, one of the most amazing women I have been so fortunate to have met. Her gentle side, her grace, her knowledge, her spirit, her experience and her huge heart and healing ability is one of immense value, that I will always be eternally grateful for. If you choose2evlove in any way and are fortunate to work with Ellen, you will NOT be disappointed. I feel quite blessed to work with her.

There cannot be enough words to describe Ellen. If you are not living your best life right now.... What are you waiting for? She will support and guide you to change your life. She did mine, and she will always have a very special place in my heart. I rid myself of the old programs, and now I am free! --Will

Ellen Brazer combines deep insight with great compassion. She always has a way of helping me see the bigger picture and elevating me to a higher level when it comes to dealing with whatever issue I am facing. It's like seeing the forest through the trees, and feeling the freedom and trust that comes from that, from having another perspective that offers freedom from pain and discord, at least moving in that direction and knowing that possibility exists. She cuts to the heart of the matter in a wise way. Thank you Ellen, for always helping me see myself. --Barb

A simple testimonial for a wonderful therapist, counselor, teacher, coach etc, etc, etc. A wonderfully guided learning and feeling experience at a time when it was most needed. A heartfelt thank you.

Ellen is an amazing healer who has taught me the power of Radix. I have released negative feelings that I didn’t even know existed within me. I have grown so much since I started seeing her, that now I’m excited about evolving and moving forward in my life. I schedule appointments with her the same way I schedule a yearly check up or a dentist appointment. I have learned that our minds and souls need the same type of care and attention. I thank her for all that she has taught me. I am now able to go within myself for answers. I know myself better and have a healthier relationship with myself and others. Thanks to Ellen my journey is now beautiful and exciting.

I have known Ellen Brazer, both personally and professionally, for the past several years. A compassionate woman, her integrity and work ethic help to make her an exceptional facilitator. I don’t hesitate to highly recommend her work. --Shelly Strauss

I have known and worked with Ellen Brazer for over 7 years. On several occasions I have recommended clients of mine to her for her psychotherapy services. They have always come back and thanked me for recommending her and praise her services highly. She has always been a pleasure for me to work with and I will continue to recommend her services to my clients and friends. Personally she has always been available to support me spiritually and emotionally and her guidance on many occasions has been the light that has turned my situation around to a positive outcome. --Regina Moran

Working with Ellen has been one of the greatest experiences of my life. The Radix technique she uses helped me to overcome many things in my life. I had a lot of therapy before meeting Ellen, and finally I got to work out my deepest feelings. I have a great life now, and have the tools to be happy. Should I need her to speak to about something that I cannot deal with alone, all I have to do is email her and I get an appointment. I truly love and trust her. --Judie

"At some point in my life I was dealing with a very stressful professional environment and almost reaching the border of despair when I met Ellen. Her work gave me back a healthy sense of perspective, life balance and also added the sheer joy of life. Using many different techniques and therapeutic lines she used the right combination that worked the best for me. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve or discover the connection with their real soul" --C. Lucio "Lou" Magalhaes