Stress Management Counseling

Stress is a silent killer. It can cause terrible disease and destroy our lives if we let it. However, when directed and channeled appropriately it can motivate us and help us to get things accomplished and completed. We have choices.

With the help and support of a caring, skilled and professional therapist, you can learn how to create balance, harmony, and peace in your life.

It is imperative to listen to the inner voices that tell us we are feeling overwhelmed and anxious, that our lives have become unbalanced. We all need to have safe places where we can let go, get centered and grounded, recharge, refuel, laugh, play, and get still.

Can you say "No" to the people and situations in your life that rob you of your life force and deplete you? Can you find the people and places in your life that fill you up, support you, and cradle you with loving compassion and kindness? If you cannot, then it can be a wonderful time to rethink your life, and begin cultivating what you need.

How Stress Management Counseling Can Help You

When we learn to be present in our lives, we can let go, surrender, and trust. When we are in acceptance of where we are, we know we are always safe. When we are fearful of the future and living in the past, we are living in our minds, and not in our hearts and our bodies. This creates fear and stress. We can choose to focus on the positive aspects of our lives, and practice the attitude of gratitude, which helps us to stay connected to peace.

Can you carve a space for joy? Can you watch a movie that makes you laugh, stay open to creating fun, make time to be in nature, listen to the music that touches your heart? When was the last time you hugged a tree?

Creating a peaceful, grateful, loving life takes practice. Start today. Help is available!

If you have any questions about stress management counseling, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.