Spiritual Crisis Counseling

Spirituality is universal. It has nothing to do with a religious belief of any kind. We are all spirits in human bodies learning here in earth school, with many powerful lessons to master. Many of us deny the spiritual part of ourselves.

When we encounter a lack of trust and find ourselves overly fearful, this is usually a sign that we are not allowing ourselves to surrender to the universal divine plan. Life happens when we are busy making plans! When we are unable to accept things as they are, we are choosing to suffer. We hold onto control, and think that if we let go, everything will fall apart. The real truth is that when we hold on that tightly to anything, we are not free. We begin hoarding things, thinking there is not enough and fearing that there is scarcity. When we give our attention and focus to the energy of scarcity, we will then become a magnet for that very frequency, and thus attract less.

Turning fear into faith is a monumental challenge of our universe, yet quite imperative in order to live freely and abundantly.

Enlightenment is not the process of learning; it is about the process of unlearning.

What Is Spiritual Crisis Counseling?

Spiritual Crisis Work is about remembering who we are... we are all spirit, and of the light. We are all here to love and be loved unconditionally, we just forgot!!

This work is about opening the heart to be reminded of our true essence. We are all love. We all deserve love. Keep reminding yourself if you forget!

In doing this work, you will find yourself seeing your life with new lenses, and viewing it from a different plane. You will begin to make choices that serve your highest self, and your peace and serenity will no longer be negotiable in any way.

If you have any questions about spiritual counseling, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.