Counseling For Sexual Problems

We all have, in some way, gotten unhealthy messages about accepting and enjoying ourselves as sexual beings. We can also be acting out unresolved or unhealed wounds of our own, or our families through our sexuality. The time is now to dispel the old myths and lies that we learned that may be keeping us stuck and unable to fully enjoy the powerful energy of our sexuality.

It is possible to release the shame attached to our bodies and to our sexuality by exploring feelings honestly in a safe supportive place with an experienced professional to guide you. You will always find yourself in a nonjudgmental and confidential place to do your healing work at your own pace.

Dealing With Sexual Problems

It is also possible to learn to give and receive pleasure without guilt, shame, fear, or self criticism. This therapy explores your blocks to a healthy sexuality, where you can be free to let go and be your true self. This work will help you to get honest with your fears, tensions, anxieties and blocks in order to live in your body in a new and healthier way. It is critical that we face the demons that hold us back from living freely, openly, and lovingly with ourselves and our intimate partners.

If you are in a relationship and experiencing difficulties with intimacy, it is quite liberating to get honest and to begin on the path to resolving these issues, as they can be debilitating, robbing us of far too much of our precious energy. You will learn ways of communicating more honestly and freely as you get to know yourself better, mastering the art of self acceptance, self care, and self love.

If you have not yet been in a fulfilling and satisfying intimate relationship, and experiencing difficulties creating one, or repeating old destructive patterns that don't work, it is possible to move through these sensitive issues with the help of a trained and caring professional.

Gender issues can also bring up many painful challenges for us. It can be viewed as a rich opportunity to explore our identities, look inside more deeply, and live authentically from the heart.

If you have any questions about our counseling services for sexual problems and you live in the South Florida area, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.