Marriage and Relationship Counseling

We all have many types of relationships in our lives. We have relationships with the people we work with, our bosses, our employees, our friends, our colleagues, the people in our community groups, the people we hire to help us, our family and extended families, our children, parents, partners, and pets.

Through our relationships with others, we find that we can get "triggered" and get our "buttons pushed". We can find ourselves scared, angry, jealous, depleted, overwhelmed, and in over-reaction.

If we do not have the tools and skills to see things clearly and take care of ourselves in loving ways, we can feel like victims, and feel the need to push people away or isolate ourselves. We can also feel taken advantage of, and not know how to say "No" to what doesn't serve us or feels abusive, or how to say "Yes" to allowing ourselves to receive loving help and support, gifts, compliments, time and encouragement.

Benefits of Relationship Counseling

In Relationship Issues Sessions, you will find yourself in a supportive and safe confidential atmosphere in which to do your inner work. You will begin to see your relationships as mirrors to show you where you are still unhealed. An example of this might be feeling very angry at someone in your life because you feel they are unloving or unsupportive towards you. This could be a rich opportunity to look at where in your own life you are unloving and unsupportive towards yourself. It takes the energy away from the ego (who is right and who is wrong) and of any blaming, and provides a powerful and very potent opening for growth and change. Mirrors and teachers are everywhere, if we are willing to see the gifts in each experience and to be students of life.

If you find yourself needing some marriage or relationship counseling services, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.