Radix Therapy

Wilhelm Reich, M.D., was before his time when he discovered the important connection between the mind and the body in the early 1900's. He developed interventions that worked with the breath to loosen the "muscular contractions", allowing long-held feelings to flow through the body naturally. This leaves us feeling more alive, and better able to establish healthy contact with ourselves and others.

In the early 1960's Charles Kelly Ph.D. made his contributions to these theories.

Radix has grown into an effective tool for uncovering the natural expression and creative energy that are blocked over time by the body's rigidity and stagnation.

What Is Radix Therapy?

Radix therapy is a wonderful way to treat addictions of all kinds (drugs, alcohol, eating disorders, gambling, sex, relationship, shopping, etc). Eating Disorders and other addictions are on the rise in our society. The key to working with treating addiction is all about uncovering the layers of emotion (fear, pain, anger, resentments) that are buried in the cells of the body; getting to the roots and core of the issues underlying the destructive behaviors.

I didn't know what to expect from doing "inner work", but was pleasantly surprised to learn so much about myself, and the ways I hid my feelings, even from myself! I was so well protected and so safe, how could I ever expect to be in a relationship (my goal) when I was so defended? With Ellen, I learned to accept my feelings, honor them as they came up, and make peace with myself. I am now in a growing relationship with someone and learning to love myself with my feelings, one day at a time.

Jackie R.

Radix describes the life force. It is Breathwork or Holistic Psychotherapy. Holistic Psychotherapy or Breathwork is extremely important in accessing what is held in the unconscious "mindbody". The mind and body cannot be separated! It is a crucial component to doing the deep healing required to make long lasting changes in one's life. This work clearly and effectively supports each individual in having more choices in how they deal with their feelings, more self-connection, greater ability to construct and maintain healthy boundaries, create intimacy, and feel more centered and grounded in their bodies. It includes vision work in loosening eye blocks, and helps in sustaining a higher level of energy.

If you have any questions about Radix Therapy, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.