Many therapeutic approaches leave the body out of the equation. Mind/Body Integration is a very important part of the healing process. Working with the breath is a powerful tool to access what is being repressed, unconsciously, in the body's cells. This approach is quite useful in releasing held or blocked emotions that can hold us back in our lives, providing a liberating and freeing experience to attend to what is left unfinished, unresolved or unhealed in the body.

We feel more whole and connected when we are able to accept the whole range of our feelings and expression of ourselves. We often don't realize how much energy it takes to hide who we are or how we feel, until we release it and free that energy for better use. Many addictions are about self-abandonment, running from the parts of ourselves that we fear, judge, or are unable yet to love or forgive. It is the truth, our truth, that ultimately sets us free. We are only as sick as our secrets.

Many of us are afraid to face our secrets and wallow in self hate. This therapy process helps us to face our "shadows" or dark sides, and find ways to form more loving relationships with ourselves, thus improving our self esteems. Having a loving relationship with yourself is the key to a healthy self esteem.

Anxiety and Depression are part of what many experience in today's society. Breathwork is a wonderful tool that helps us to get still, and listen inside to the parts of ourselves that need attention and love. When we abandon and ignore ourselves, we can begin to feel anxiety, and depression brewing. It is now a critical time for us to listen inside and heal.

We, as a universe, are in a process of learning to love and be loved, from a higher place. That means no longer loving from a place of guilt, struggle, sacrifice, worry, fear or suffering. As we practice being who we are and loving who we are, what keeps showing up are the dark places, where we do not yet love ourselves fully. We then have a rich opportunity; to bring what's dark into the light for healing. We can continue choosing to evolve, choosing to be "love", becoming the highest power there is!

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