Help With Parenting Problems

Being a parent is one of the most difficult jobs on our planet. Unfortunately, we get a lot more information to bring home with us when we buy our cell phones and televisions than we do when we bring home our children!

In ancient times and in some cultures, families in communities share this huge responsibility. In large families, the older siblings are expected to assist with this large task. It is not unusual or uncommon, in any way, to have parenting concerns and difficulties, and to even become overwhelmed with such a demanding job.

Understanding Parenting Problems

Our tendency is to unconsciously parent our children in similar ways to the ways we were parented ourselves, or to make a conscious effort to do some things differently if they were problematic, unloving, or painful to us. You might even chose to do things in the exact opposite way than the way you were raised, and as the saying goes "180 degrees from sick is still sick!" An example of this could be someone who grew up with a lot of yelling, screaming, and "put down's" might just ignore the very important disciplinary actions that need to take place. The children then have no limits or boundaries. As a result of this, the children feel very unsafe and insecure, do what they please, and it results in being just as destructive to the family.

It is essential that we are mindful, awake, and alert in accessing what type of parent we want to be, and to do the inner work that is required so that we can avoid creating the same unhealthy or unloving relationships we had as children that were wounding to us.

Getting Help For Parenting Problems

In our therapeutic Parenting Sessions, you will learn about yourself, your family patterns, and consciously create the family style that everyone is heard and respected, valued, and loved without conditions. With proper and appropriate boundary and limit setting, new patterns of communicating, and learning to listen from the heart, you will begin to feel more empowered and in charge of your family life. You can also heal the wounds from your own childhood by being a more evolved parent than the one you had.

If you have any questions about our therapeutic sessions for parenting problems or just find yourself needing help, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.