Counseling For Families

Counseling services for families can be quite liberating, when all family members are willing to do what it takes to come together in order to value their relationships and improve their patterns of communication. It requires a desire to look within and to make changes that make a difference in order to create peace and harmony within the family unit.

The dynamic of a family system can be very complex and baffling. Very often, we are not equipped to resolve these difficulties that arise on our own. Many of us were not given the tools and skills from our own upbringings to listen and to move through conflict effectively. We are also too closely entangled in the very process itself to be objective and clear. We all play an important role in the resolution of family conflicts. It is a wonderful gift to give to you and your family to engage in a process where everyone is safe and supported in sharing honestly from their hearts. When families feel heard and respected, healing and communication can begin to happen.

South Florida Family Therapy

Our family counseling services provide a rich opportunity for family members to speak from their hearts in a safe supportive and confidential atmosphere where everyone’s voice counts. Families learn techniques to share their feelings, ask for what they need with love, and listen to others without shaming, blaming, judging or criticizing. There are many valuable skills and tools that families are given that they can put into practice right away, so they walk away feeling lighter, heard, respected, and loved. We all want to feel that we are safe to be our true selves with the people we care most about.

If you are in need of family counseling services in the South Florida area, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.