Dealing With Eating Disorders

When we find ourselves out of control with food, food can become a way of disconnecting from ourselves, our bodies, and our feelings. This can be manifested in behaviors of eating too much, starving, binging and purging, compulsive dieting, or diet product abuse. It takes a lot of energy away from living our lives fully.

When we learn to use food as a drug to run away from ourselves, we can feel alone, isolated, scared, depressed, angry, repressed, anxious, numb, and robot-like. We can also feel ashamed, negative, and self critical.

Getting Help With Eating Disorders

In Eating Disorder Therapy sessions, you will learn how to re-connect to your heart, and to your feelings, helping you to re-establish a new relationship with the dishonored parts of yourself that have not been given adequate attention, and have been ignored or abandoned. Food becomes an important way to push these feelings down and away, when we do not know how to handle them. It is essential that we learn how to come back home into our bodies and to our breath, and face our inner selves so we can grow and evolve. We can then begin to reclaim our lost selves; our disowned voices and identities, with compassion and love. It is a time of great learning. How to take care of yourself, ask for what you need, speak up and out, let go of fears and resentments, forgive yourself and others, and create the life that you want and deserve. This is a great and empowering learning process, and you are worth it!

If you are struggling to cope with eating addictions, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.