Couples Therapy Sessions

It is not at all uncommon for couples to experience conflict and differences that occur in the relationship that bring up fear, anxiety, anger, and distrust.

How Couples Therapy Sessions Can Help You

It is very important that couples seek out professional help right away in order to move though their issues effectively, and in a way where both people can learn and grow. It is often not what is said, but what is not said, that can be destructive to a relationship. People tend to “go underground” with their feelings and keep them private for fear they will be judged, shamed, blamed, or criticized. In couple's therapy, you will always have a safe, confidential space to speak your truth, have your feelings, get honest, and learn about yourself and each other.

Many of us discover that we bring the unhealthy patterns, that we have seen and learned from, into our present relationships and repeat them unknowingly. This can be quite destructive and self defeating. In a couple's therapy session, you will have the very rich opportunity to learn new skills and tools that work, and that you can put into practice right away. It is very empowering to come away from a session with the hope that things can improve, feel lighter after sharing from the heart, and learn loving ways of creating healthy intimacy. We all want to have the sacred relationships that we deserve.

If you have any questions about couples therapy sessions, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.