Coping With Chronic Pain and Illness

When chronic pain or illness inflicts our lives, it can be devastating. We begin to wonder, why me? We can become depressed, anxious, terrified, and angry.

This is a rich time to begin exploring life patterns and the ways in which we have been living. It is often a big 'wake up' call, calling us to slow down, look within, and pay attention to our lives in some very big, important ways.

A Different Look At Chronic Pain

Often chronic pain or illness becomes a way to help us to appreciate living, to become Chronic Painmore present in each moment of our lives, and to evaluate what and who REALLY matters to us.

We begin to find out who is supporting us in our best behalf, who is there for us when the tough times happen and who is not, and we can begin to look at the lives that we have created though different lenses.

Going through the process of learning to cope with chronic pain or illness can be a time of rebirth, to reinvent ourselves again. It can be a time to begin to live differently, from a new, more evolved place with more consciousness. When viewed as a time of introspection and great awakening, and not as a way that we are being punished or being made to suffer or be a victim of anything in any way, we can begin to see this time as an opening for change.

With the help of an experienced professional therapist in a safe confidential environment, this time can be a portal for great amounts of potential growth and healing.

If you have any questions about coping with chronic pain or coping with illness, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.