Treatment For Anxiety and Depression

In our society today, many of us have been prescribed anti- depressants, anti- anxiety medications, sleep medications, etc. We have not yet learned how to effectively and consciously create the lives we want. We feel pressure to perform, to live up to the expectations of others, to please and take care of others and their feelings, and to disregard our own. Stress, anxiety and depression begin to take form in order to send us valuable information that our lives are not working. When we pay attention and listen to these important messages, we can begin our work, and transform our lives by getting honest with ourselves.

Many of us are uncomfortable being alone with ourselves and in our hearts. Sessions will provide a rich opportunity to get honest with your feelings, and find out more about what is being held unconsciously in the cells of your mind/body that is keeping you unhappy, stressed, depressed or anxious. It is not unusual to have a release of pent up and repressed emotion that can be very relieving and gratifying. Examples of this type of letting go might be feelings of self hate, long held resentments, rage, fear of success, fear of abandonment, fear of loss, old childhood wounds and losses, and more. This is deep work, and can lead you to feel more satisfied, fulfilled and whole.

If you have any questions about our Holistic Counseling services for issues relating to Anxiety, Stress and Depression, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.