Anger Management Help

Many people struggle with the strong emotion of anger. When we become angry, we may lash out, become controlling, blaming, or aggressive in some way. Some of us turn our anger against ourselves and becoming depressed, self destructive, or even suicidal. Sometimes anger builds up without us knowing it until we reach a boiling point, and explode into a rage. However, this is not the way it has to be.

Past patterns of dealing with anger can be changed. What was a learned behavior can be un-learned. All it takes is willingness. Anger may feel like it is something that overtakes us, makes us its victim, but that does not have to be so.

Help With Anger Management

In Anger Management Sessions, you will learn to own and be accountable for your anger. You will see that it is possible to express anger in healthy constructive and assertive ways that are loving to yourself and respectful to others. You will have an opportunity to try on and practice new, more empowering ways to deal with angry feelings. It takes consciousness to begin to notice your triggers (the places, situations, and people that you give power away to).

Learning How To Control Your Anger

By learning how to take care of yourself, by asking for what you need and telling people how you feel, your life can begin to feel very different. In Anger Management Sessions, you have an opportunity to release pent up rage in a safe, supportive atmosphere without hurting yourself or anyone else. For some, this is a very important part of the healing process.

Hidden underneath the emotion of anger is, very often, our vulnerable part (like the pain of not feeling seen, heard, acknowledged, loved or appreciated.) Anger can serve as a protection or an armoring for our softer emotions or wounds, functioning as a survival tool.

In order to free ourselves from the stress of uncontrollable feelings, it is very important to address anger issues, and to know that anger is a natural and powerful emotion. Anger is no stranger to anyone. It is how we choose to handle it, and being conscious of the ways we use its energy in the world that is essential. With the help of a professional and experienced therapist, you are free to explore the underlying issues that need to be healed in order to deal with anger and master self love.

If you need help with anger management, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.