Help With Addictions

When we find ourselves out of control with the many addictions we can choose from (alcohol, drugs, food, shopping, relationships, love, sex, gambling, work, money, "doing" behavior - over scheduling - the busy-aholic), etc., it becomes a way we can disconnect from ourselves and our feelings.

Start Getting Help With Your Addictions

When we learn to use a substance or pattern to run away from ourselves, we can feel alone, isolated, scared, depressed, angry, repressed, anxious, numb, and like robots. We can also feel ashamed and self critical.

In Addiction Therapy sessions, you will learn how to re-connect to your heart, and to your feelings, helping you to re-establish a new relationship with the parts of yourself that have been abandoned. When getting help for addictions, it is essential that we learn how to come back home into our bodies and to our breath. We can then begin to reclaim our disowned voices and identities, with compassion and love. This is a great and empowering learning process, and you are worth it!

If you find that you need help with your addictions or have any questions about our Holistic Counseling services, contact Ellen Brazer, MS, LMHC today.