Transformational Counseling Services for Individuals, Groups and Couples in the North Miami Beach area.

In journeying on the path to higher consciousness, and creating more honesty and compassion within ourselves and with others, we can begin to see everything that is placed at our doorstep as an opportunity to grow and evolve. Holistic counseling services or psychotherapy does just that.

Counseling helps us to find the important lessons within each experience. Depression, addiction, loss, illnesses, pain, anger, fears, anxiety, inner wounds and traumas provides us with rich gifts as long as we are willing to be life's students.

Begin your journey of transformation by making an appointment now with Ellen Brazer MS, LMHC, Radix Practitioner

Continuing Education Credits are now being offered for all workshops. Please call for CEU information.


17130 W. Dixie Highway
N. Miami Beach, FL 33160
Phone: 305-333-2718
Mail: ellen@choose2evolve.com
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"After working with Ellen for a brief period of time, I began to experience myself saying and doing things differently my life, very naturally and spontaneously, without thinking about it.

It felt good to take care of myself and treat myself with more respect and compassion." Bob W.

Reflection Corner

What did you do that opened your heart today?